A true health, aesthetics, longevity, and wellness complex.

Spasissimo follows the Wellness concept, a dynamic and conscious process of searching for a long, healthy, and happy life, which reinforces the connections between mind, body and spirit. Perfect to complement your weight loss with healthy, balanced, and personalized diet. Here you will find techniques like yoga, pilates, watsu, meditation, acupuncture, physical, and respiratory exercises focused on stress control and better quality of life. Come check out our complete structure located in the Casa Grande Hotel Resort & SPA, in Enseada beach, Guarujá, only 70km from São Paulo.

*Minimum age for use of the Spa is 14 years.


Spasissimo’s pillars

Fet in touch with yourself


““May your medicine be your food, and let your food be your medicine.” Hippocrates.

Healthy, balanced, detoxifying, and energetic nutrition. Here at Spasissimo we teach how to “plant” the healthy living seed by introducing foods according to each client’s needs and preferences, showing that healthy foods can have aroma, color, texture, and lots of flavor

Emotional Control

“The search for internal balance”

Here at Spasissimo, we offer natural therapies that aim at increasing the healing power of our body, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to transform us into “managers” of our own health.
Meditation, yoga, pilates, stress management, psychological sessions and coaching are some of the therapies that allow you to achieve a perfect internal balance to enjoy good emotional health, which directly affects the general well-being of the human being.


“It is indispensable to maintain the body’s vigor, to conserve that of the spirit.” Luc de Clapiers Vauvenargues

Physical activity is essential for maintaining and improving health as it helps to prolong and improve the quality of your life. At Spasissimo, our team is composed of professionals specialized in physical therapy, aerobic, functional exercises, pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, dance classes, hydro gymnastics, among others, so that you can perform training according to your preferences and goals.

Medical Innovation

“How to live more and better”

Optimize health, extend your life expectancy and bring vitality back into your life.

Our Professionals

Spassisimo has a qualified team of professionals from different areas to make your experience complete.
It is our desire that each one give your life a new destiny.


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General Clinic

Medical Consultation and evaluations in Spasissimo

Upon arrival at Spasissimo, the client will be referred to the clinical center, where he will be submitted to the evaluation of the nursing team, bioimpedance examination, complete vital signs assessment and consultation schedules, according to individual needs. 
After these procedures, a consultation will be scheduled with the general practitioner who will check all medications used and evaluations of the tests brought by the patient, and if necessary, laboratory tests to evaluate the biochemical and hormonal profile. Contact with your doctor will always be welcome, and we accept the advice of the professional who is already with you for further development during your stay.

Have you done your genetic test yet? Here at Spasissimo we perform it on you!



Upon arrival at the Spa, the client will go through an appointment with the nutritionist, who will perform a bioimpedance examination to check body composition and a chat about your eating habits. 
Then a customized menu is drawn up for the need of each patient. 
At the end of the stay, the client will go through an individual consultation with the nutritionist, who will recommend new eating habits, as well as provide a balanced menu adapted to the specific needs of each person, to be followed after leaving the spa.


Spasissimo fitness program

The program includes 40 sections of physical activity weekly, divided into levels of light, moderate and heavy physical exertion, in addition to physical fitness activities. 
What else do we have in the fitness department? Bodybuilding, functional, treadmill and bicycle, water aerobics, Hydro Fit, beach walk, tennis, surfing, swimming lessons, relaxing time, and more. 
All physical activities are monitored by a physical educator, who is available to guests for any clarification and guidance, as well as blood pressure and heart rate control. 
At the end of the stay, the client should attend the clinic for a final physical evaluation, where the results obtained within the spa will be measured. 
If you want personalized service, you can hire individualized Personal Trainer services.



In the psychological consultations the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is used, coupled with mindfulness techniques. CBT seeks to understand dysfunctional beliefs and thoughts that reinforce negative behavior patterns, with the goal of reducing anxiety, providing emotional self-control, and thereby restoring self-image, health, and quality of life. 
By employing mindfulness techniques in psychotherapy, we seek to maximize the results, focusing mainly on the conscious perception of internal experiences, reducing distractions and placing the client in the present moment. Mindfulness helps you regain balance between body and mind, allowing you to learn to relate directly to what is happening in your life right now.



The evaluation with the physiotherapist will address the current complaints and the pre-existing or recent injuries, due to trauma or overload. A palpatory evaluation and specific test are performed during the visit, in order to recommend the physical activities to the profile of each patient, for better recovery and not worsening of the lesions.
The sector has a physiotherapist with specialized training, a doctor’s office, a physiotherapy room and a Pilates Studio. Other treatments and extra activities are also offered: Hydrotherapy specialized in the Watsu method (applied in indoor and heated swimming pool), Clinical – Functional Pilates, Electrotherapy, Kinesiotherapy, Acupuncture, and Vibratory Platform.
The physiotherapist will be available in specific cases, following the daily evolution of the patient during the physiotherapeutic treatment.

*Minimum age for use of the Spa is 14 years.