Health and Safety Protocols

This material was prepared considering the basic premises to ensure the prevention and non-transmission of the new coronavirus through practices such as social distance, personal hygiene, the sanitization of environments, and the monitoring of the protocols and recommendations of the Ministry of Tourism, ANVISA and WHO (World Health Organization).


  • For the safety of our guests, our bellboys and valets will perform hand hygiene after loading suitcases and luggage, as well as cleaning all contact points.

Front Desk

  • Upon entering the hotel, a temperature check will be carried out and all safety protocols for guests will be communicated, such as wearing masks.

  • All receptionists will be wearing masks or Face Shield.
  • At the reception, social distance strips were installed on the floor.

Rooms and Suites

  • At the end of the guest’s stay, we will clean and completely disinfect the housing unit and surfaces and, before the new guest enters, clean and disinfect with specific hygiene products and safety protocols for the employee.
  • The cleaning of the unit will happen with the ventilated environment leaving doors and windows open and air conditioning turned off, paying special attention to potentially contaminated areas such as chairs, armchairs, beds, power switches, remote controls, door handles, amenities, directories, telephone sets , with disinfectant, duly registered with Anvisa (National Agency of Sanitization and Health surveillance).
  • Services such as directories and menus, will be available on electronic platforms with easy interface.

  • Security kits with 70% sanitizer and protective masks will be offered to all apartments.

Food & Beverage

  • We are considering a minimum distance of two meters between tables and one meter between chairs (chairs occupied).

  • At breakfast, food will be protected in a closed station, with service provided by our employees. The breakfast service can also be requested through the Room Service in non-contact mode.

  • Buffets stations: food will be displayed in stations / islands totally closed, with staff to serve guests individually. Food will not be exposed.

  • To avoid cross contamination, our mise in place will be assembled on the customer’s arrival.
  • In our Room Service the trays will be covered, protecting food during transport to the housing unit and, at the end of meals, guests should have utensils outside the room (in the hall, on the balcony or beside the door) , so that they are collected.
  • All Room Service requests can be made via cell phone during the stay, including Minibar orders

Leisure Areas

  • Our fitness center, solarium, rest areas, tennis courts and spa (with the exception of the sauna and jacuzzi) can be used by prior appointment (by appointment) and, after using the equipment, these will be disinfected by professionals as required. cleaning standards.

  • For the practice of leisure sports in outdoor areas, the hygiene and social distance protocols must be respected. It is recommended not to borrow leisure equipment.

  • Our pools are treated with ozone and chlorine and the sun loungers will be arranged respecting social distance and, after their use, they will be cleaned.

Casa da Criança Kid’s Club

  • Casa da Criança’s activities will be carried out outdoors, using masks and non-contact activities.


  • As soon as the beach reopens, which we expect to be together with the hotel’s opening, all beach chairs and loungers will be cleaned before and after use and will be arranged respecting social distancing.

Common Areas

  • We increased the frequency of cleaning in places with a greater flow of people and points and contact surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, telephones, sockets, keyboards, computer screens, monitors, tablets and smartphones, work benches, furniture in waiting areas, luggage trolleys, etc. will always be sanitized after each use.

  • Our environments are well ventilated and will always have doors and windows open. In the case of air-conditioned environments, we constantly maintain and clean air conditioning units, including filters and ducts.
  • We will have 70% sanitizer dispensers close to the doors of all elevators and places of entry and exit to social areas.

Meetings and Events

  • We increased the distance between participants in our event rooms. The spacing will not only be lateral, but, mainly, considering the spacing also of the “front” chairs, when in auditorium format. A minimum distance between tables (2m) and chairs (1m) will be respected, considering a seated person.

  • In the common areas of the spaces reserved for events, we reduced the number of sofas, tables, chairs or loungers, reducing the number of people in the place and trying to keep the minimum recommended distance of 1.5m between guests.

  • The number of people for social and business events will follow rules stipulated by authorities, as long as there is a state of public calamity or related measures of restriction, and depending on the control of the level of transmission of covid-19 in each location.

Hotel Associates

  • All our employees have the temperature checked before entering work and have a hand hygiene station.

  • We offer personal protective equipment for all employees.

  • We offer additional and regular training for all our employees.

  • All uniforms are sanitized before each shift.