The American Green Hotels Association brings together the world’s leading hotels and aims to disseminate actions to preserve the environment.

Continuing to support the actions of sustainability and social responsibility, Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa (Guarujá – SP) in 2007 was the first Brazilian company to be part of the Green Hotels Association. Headquartered in the United States, the international entity aims to bring together companies committed with the preservation of the environment. The partnership with the Green Hotels Association reinforces the environmental awareness of Casa Grande Hotel.

Founded in 1993 and recognized by the United States Government for its important contribution to the environment, the Green Hotels Association aims to motivate its members to promote activities that reduce environmental impact. Rational consumption of water, energy and solid waste reduction are some of the actions encouraged by the association. Among the five-star associated hotels in the United States are Hyatt, Intercontinental, Renaissence, Sheraton, Hilton and Wyndham, as well as the famous five-star Thai resort The Evason Phuket Resort and Spa.

“We want to encourage sustainable tourism, that is, corporate and individual guests who choose ‘green hotels’ will encourage hoteliers to preserve natural resources and protect the destinations where they are located,” said hotel director Lourival de Pieri.

The pioneering spirit of integrating institutions such as the Green Hotels Association is in line with Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa’s concept of sustainable social and environmental development. Since 2006 the resort has adopted resource conscious consumption actions. We installed showers that reduce water consumption by 20%, without changing the quality and comfort of the bath. The taps in the social and service areas have aerators that reduce consumption about 15%. Capacitors for power factor correction were also installed, improving energy efficiency. The incandescent and halogen lamps were replaced with led bulbs. “Casa Grande Hotel has also developed and implemented the selective collection of organic waste, directing part of the resources for training young people from socially vulnerable communities,” explains Pieri.

In the social sphere, Casa Grande Hotel is a supporter of initiatives such as the Municipal Youth Public Policy Conference held in February. The hotel also supports the Environmentally Responsible Educators Training Program, carried out by the Guarujá Municipal Department of the Environment. The hotel employees are made aware of the importance of selective collection and the rational use of resources through lectures and awareness meetings.

For next year, the hotel intends to deploy solar energy in all the Resort’s equipment. In addition, Casa Grande Hotel will develop an environmental awareness program for children guests. “It is a pleasure to be a pioneer in promoting actions for sustainable tourism. Disseminating and enabling conscious consumption are means of ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same resources,” concludes Lourival de Pieri.